After a 17 Year absence, the PRCA Freestyle Bullfights Are Back! Freestyle Bullfighting is the art of engaging a bull bred specifically to fight, they are born to fight, not forced to fight or be mean, and conducting a type of a dance between man and beast. Freestyle Bullfighting is an art, one that requires skill, grace, athleticism, bravery, & talent. The goal is to engage the bull while performing a variety of maneuvers during the round. From running tight rounds with a bull, to barrel hops, and more! It is a game of intelligence and skill, as World Champion Bullfighter, Miles Hare said, it is a game of fractions of an inch – very true statement! Watch as we continue to make history and bring this sport back to life!

History in the making!

In 1981, the PRCA crowned its first World Champion Freestyle Bullfighter. For the next 20 years some of the most legendary athletes in PRCA history wore that gold buckle that said “World Champion Freestyle Bullfighter”.